$1000 Challenge Final Pitch powerpoint

Website or app

Batool Alhamad

My website or app

Today I am talking about my website or app , which has not yet been named. It is a collection of discounted brands (clothes, shoes, bags, etc.)

Who is working with me?

My husband Ali

Also, my kids as model Hassan and Ahmed and my sister’s daughter reem and sara.

What is the real problem you are addressing?

I have one problem and it is shipping outside America because the price is high.

How do you know it’s a problem? I have already tried shipping and the price of the box was 300$

What is pain or gain?

Profit is about 20% or less

What is your solution, and how do you know it addresses the problem? So far, I haven’t found a solution to this problem

How is providing the gain or relieving the pain?

be a website or app With pictures of the items and a customer service for those who want help and a return service

Market Size How big of a market do you think you can have and serve?

I don’t want to open a shop, only a website or an app.

Competition Who do you have to face? I don’t think there are, but maybe some people are working with the same idea, but on Instagram and Snap

Key Partners : I do not have yet.

Key Resources: Brands discount stores

Customer Relationships: -social media pages , customer support

Customer Segments:

-people who want to pay brand with good price .

Channels : mobile app , website .

Revenue Streams : delivery charge

Value Propositions: different pay method , Various brand.

Cost Structure: cost of app or website , advertising

How will you market your product? How will you sell the product? What does the customer journey look like?

Through an advertisement from one of the famous social media and publish the advertisement on Instagram and WhatsApp between friends and family, and the sale will be through the site on or in AugustWhen the sale of the product is completed, we pack it and ship it to the customer with some simple gifts to attract the customer

Three Year Goals Where do you think you could reasonably be in three years? How much money can this company get to earn a year? The famous of the site or app, and that we deal with larger companies and provide more options.

Ask or decide what you are asking for $1,000 for and how it will be used? Or how are you going to boot it up? Or why did you decide not to do it? I think now I will not do it because the shipping is very high, maybe in the future

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