In the short story of ‘A very old man with enormous wings’, the writer takes us through the story of Elsenda and his husband Pelayo. The couple in their daily encounters within their compound comes across an aged man who possesses wings. The couple tries to communicate with him but the communication is fruitless. After engaging their neighbor, they are told that the man is an Angel. According to her, the Angel came due to their child who had gotten ill. On the other hand, in the short story, ‘people should not die in June in South Texas,’ the story is about Prietta and her mother who are mourning the death of their father. The death of the father really shocks the family and as thus they see it as the end of life. In this paper, we delve into the contrasts existing between the two books.

 The first contrast between the two short stories is seen in the introduction of the two stories. Whereas Anzaldua’s story starts with a somber mood, Gabriel Garcia’s story begins with a happy mood. It makes the reader wish to continue reading. The second distinction is seen on the way the two cases are presented. Whereas the Pelayo and Elsenda’s child was critically ill, in the second story we see that the breadwinner of the family had passed on and hence left the family in grief. Moreover, we see the involvement of a perceived Angel in the first story whereas in the second story there is no such Angel.

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