2-T Sample Test on Delivery Time of Pizza by Car and by Bicycle


A pizza store in downtown uses bicycles and cars to deliver its pizza to the market. The store is interested in determining the more convenient means of transport so as to do away with the other. As such, consumer satisfaction will increase due to timely delivery, leading to increased profits. The study recorded 15 deliveries made by both the bicycle and the car. The null hypothesis tested by the study is: H0: there is no difference in the average delivery times between cars and bicycles. The average time of delivery indicated that cars deliver the pizza faster to the market, taking an average of 7.93 minutes as compared to bicycles that take 16.31 minutes.

The data was collected using secondary sources because they offer accurate data and the data is quickly accessible. The time of delivery was recorded in minutes for the purpose of convenience. On average, the time taken for the bicycle to make a delivery is more than the time taken for a car to make a delivery. The following bar-chart gives a summary of the average delivery times for the bicycle and the car. The y-axis shows the average time taken by both the car and the bicycle and the x-axis shows the respective means of delivery.

In every delivery, the car was faster than the bicycle. As such, all the delivery incidences indicate that the car is most convenient means of delivering the pizza to the market. The data also indicates that the bicycles caused most critical delays. For instance, in the second delivery, the bicycle took 40 minutes to deliver the pizza. On the other hand, the slowest delivery by the car was 25.71 minutes. The following table summarizes the data collected on the time of delivery.

Delivery 1510
Delivery 25.3818.2
Delivery 325.7140.34
Delivery 43.677.54
Delivery 59.620
Delivery 63.166.43
Delivery 76.548.57
Delivery 85.6614.54
Delivery 90.921.34
Delivery 108.8516.23
Delivery 113.624.24
Delivery 124.97.43
Delivery 1311.259.65
Delivery 148.289.45
Delivery 1518.4623.45
Delivery 16820
Delivery 171324.34
Delivery 1815.5425
Delivery 19619.45
Delivery 201223
Delivery 219.4515
Delivery 22625.78
Delivery 23615
Delivery 2415.9823
Delivery 25716.45
Delivery 261219
Delivery 275.3425
Delivery 28621
Delivery 2914.2318
Delivery 301015

2-t Sample Test

This study will use a 2-t sample test to test the difference in ratios between the delivery time of pizza by cars and bicycles. 2-t sample test compares the ratio of the delivery time of pizza by car and by bicycle, showing the difference between the ratios of the two samples. Moreover, the test will deliver more reliable results, leading to accurate conclusions from the data (Ramachandran & Tsokos, 2009). 2-t sample test, also, gives a test statistic, means, sample sizes, and the p-value in on run. As such, the test is faster and more elaborate in determining if the ratios of two samples are related or not.

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