PAD3874 Community Relations Theory- Module One read chapter 1-2 book provided the following 3 assignments are based on these chapters

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Assigment#1- Module chapter summary

1. After reading Chapter One (CRISIS COMMUNICATIONS) prepare a 100 word response to the question below.

List and discuss the five stages of a crisis.

2. After reading Chapter Two (CRISIS COMMUNICATIONS) prepare a 100 word response to the question below.

Discuss the “Excellence Theory” of Crisis Communication.

Assigment#2 Module one peer discussion

1.Review the “Mini-Case: White Star Line’s Titanic Sinks” found on page 10 of the Crisis Communications text. Summarize the case and POST ON THE DISCUSSION BOARD in at least 100 words. If you cite an outside source for your review, use APA format. (Outside sources are NOT required to be a scholarly. However, you must provide the article’s citation in the discussion board post.)

2. Respond to two other student posts with your opinion of their articles in 50 words for each. Responses such as, “I agree” or “good idea” are not acceptable and will receive no credit. The response must add to the scholarly dialogue presenting the reasons for your opinion and supporting documentation cited.

Peer#1 greg

The Textbook Crisis Communications : A Casebook Approach identified the sinking of the Titanic as a Mini-Case. The summary is brief, however the impact of poor crisis communication is drastically apparent. The White Star Line bought into its own promotion of the ship. White Star attempted to dominate its competitors with size and luxury. Most of the advertisements identified the ship as the largest or finest (Stampler 2012). Although the modern public perception is the ship was advertised as” unsinkable” there is little evidence of this on behalf of the White Star line. This researcher was only able to identify one advertisement billing the ship as unsinkable and it was quantified. “as far as it is possible to do, these two wonderful vessels are designed to be unsinkable,” (Diamond n.d.). However, public perception, whether inaccurate or not can translate into a negative reality in crisis communications. White Star did little to plan for disaster and when it struck they were unprepared. No spokesperson was designated and they initially attempted to deny, despite information to the contrary. The text book provides a partial quote of Philip Franklin’s response but does not include the entire statement “We place absolute confidence in the Titanic. We believe that the boat is unsinkable.” (Johnson 2017). Perhaps it was Franklin’s denial and crisis communication that left the public’s perception that the ship was advertised as “unsinkable”. Once the sinking was confirmed, White Star continued poor crisis communications by using dissociation when they indicated that the White Star line followed every regulation and had master crew. They initially accepted no responsibility for the fate of the ship or its passengers. This prompted survivors to point out the obvious negligence on the part of the White Star line.


Diamond, P. (n.d.). Virtual Commons 2012 – The Titanic – diamond-peter. NYU.EDU- Virtual Commons. Retrieved August 23, 2020, from

Johnson, B. (2017, July 4). The Sinking of RMS Titanic. Historic UK.

Stampler, L. (2012, October 23). These Original Ads For The Titanic Ran Right Before The Ship’s Voyage To The Bottom Of The Ocean. Business Insider.

Peer#2 Jes

The White Star Line’s Titanic was projected to be the fastest, lavishing, and most upscale means of transportation in 1912. The ship had the ‘best of the best’ in terms of staff, amenities, and activities. What wasn’t so lavishing and appealing to critics was the lack of preparedness and prevention of a potential crisis. Individuals who created the ship and the image of perfection of Titanic stated that the ship was merely “unsinkable.” A crisis took place in 1912 where the Titanic struck an iceberg, causing the vessel to take on water and eventually sink. I feel that the company may have “rushed” their exposure for the Titanic and prematurely pushed through many safety checks for the ship in order to set sail. For example, the White Star Line only accounted for a portion of the occupants aboard the vessel. The life boats which were prepped for a possible disaster or crisis, did not accommodate everyone aboard the Titanic. Suppose the company, the White Star Line, did follow the five stages of a crisis. Would the outcome be different? Did the company ignore the facts of possible disasters or potential hazards? The article brings up a great perspective on a different crisis, fire. Think of how many more lives could have been affected or an increased number of fatalities had a fire occurred.

Fearn-Banks, K. (2011). Chapter 1. In Crisis communications: A casebook approach (pp. 10-15). New York: Routledge.

Assigment#3 research assignment article

Research Assignment: Using this library , locate one scholarly case study that analyzes how a public relations professional or public information officer utilizes networking and coalition building skills with the media. For this article prepare a summary paper as follows:

Page One Cover Page: Include the Course Title and Number, Your Name, Title of Assignment, Professor’s Name, and Date in APA format.

Page Two Summary (150 words): Summarize the article’s thesis (or hypothesis), methodology, evidence, logic, argument, and summarize its conclusions.

Page Three Evaluation (150 words): Using the article you summarized for Week One, critique the article’s thesis (or hypothesis), methodology, evidence, logic, and conclusions from your perspective on the problem. Be constructively critical, suggesting how the research could be better or more useful. Cite at least one other scholarly article to compare, contrast, and support your critique.

Page Four References: Add references in proper APA Format e.g. “Smith, N. (2005). Information technology in the public sector. Technology and Public Administration Journal, 12(3), 125-136.”

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