Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Employee Motivation at ARM Company. It needs to be at least 2000 words. If the employees of an organization are not properly interested in the jobs they are performing but are only performing those jobs for the sake of getting paid and meeting their basic needs, this often signals a lack of employee motivation and interest. This can be harmful to the company in the long run as human resources are the main asset of a company and substantiate the company’s brainpower. Thus, it is high in the interest of organizations to keep their employees fully motivated in order to ensure that their main assets are strong (Kishie et al, 2012). Accordingly, there are various factors, which influence employee motivation. Intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation are both needed in order to encourage employees to do their best. However, some organizations mainly focus on extrinsic motivation and they are not as much focused upon intrinsically motivating employees. Several motivation theories focus on intrinsic motivating factors that develop interest and a desire to work hard within employees. It has also been seen that without intrinsic motivation, employees are not likely to be properly motivated (Kishie et al, 2012). While the ARM company is highly successful in its business and conducts business worldwide, the company can attribute its success to the hard work and high motivation levels of its 2,050-employee workforce all over the world. ARM”s main human resource management strategy is directed towards global learning and development, talent management, and the provision of proper reward systems in order to enhance employee motivation and increase productivity. In order to do this, the company uses several intrinsic motivational tools, such as providing employees with proper training, opportunities to choose and manage their own challenges and assignments, rewarding them with shares and bonuses, and giving them the discretion to act as owners&nbsp.of the company and make informed decisions on the company’s behalf.