September 4th 2012 RH 200 / Merar REACTION PAPER (JOURNAL) by Raymond Alvarez, Jr. I though the people profiled in Without Pity: A Film About Abilities represented a fair cross-section of disabled individuals struggling against the world’s obstacles, to gain control of how they will eventually live. One story that really hit home with me was Charlie. Being born with no legs and arms, Charlie showed great adaptation and intelligence and had such a go-getter attitude.
He attends school with the help of a special wheelchair, and aside from his obvious disability, was very well accepted by everyone who got to know him. Charlie inspired me tremendously. His Mom and Dad are also very admirable in how they chose to let Charlie live a great life, and with so much determination to be a normal kid. I got teary eyed, not because of his disability, but because of his triumph in life. God has big plans for such a little guy. Charlie has a great message to deliver to this world.
The other story, which I could most relate too was Josh. In his mid 20’s, a motorcycle accident paralyzed him. (I grew up riding motorcycles, and at any moment could have had a life changing accident. ) With obvious and understandable frustration, Josh shares the pains of being a quadriplegic. It took so much courage to share (on camera) the anger he suffers. He lost the love of his life amidst it all. The Victory was seeing him overcome to become, and eventually finishing his dream of college.
I only pray to have that much courage to persevere if ever to face a life changing disability. I could only imagine it being much harder experiencing a major disability later in life as Josh did. Charlie never experience life with arms and legs, so in a graceful way, that may have made adjusting to his disability easier. Either way, they were a great testimony to (in my opinion) God’s loving grace, and the tremendous power of the holy (and human) spirit! What a great movie!Do you similar assignment and would want someone to complete it for you? Click on the ORDER NOW option to get instant services at