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Part 1: A paralegal must get his time records completed. He is trying to figure out how he has spent his day. Because he has trouble remembering what he did during a long day, he makes up time records to fill out his billable day.

Watch the video produced by your textbook publisher: Fees and Billing – Contemporaneous Timekeeping. Answer the following questions. Make sure that you provide internal citations for your answers, as well as a reference page. In order to get full credit for answering the questions, please provide a minimum of one paragraph for each question.

  1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of computerized timekeeping?
  2. How would the use of computer software have prevented this ethical issue?
  3. How can properly prepared time records be used to document proper supervision and diligent handling of a case?
  4. What rule is Dante breaking by trying to reconstruct his time?
  5. What should he do now?

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