A young girls case Drew national attention and fueled debate as a furious Court battle unfolded between diversity family members fighting to keep her on a ventilator and doctors ordering she’d already died family members say the 8th grader was alert and talking after doctors remove her tonsils,adenoids and extra sinus tissue in a surgery . The young girl went through the surgery fine and was awake, alert and talking. Not long after the surgery, the young girl began bleeding profusely, went into cardiac arrest, and is now brain dead. From what you have learned in material this week , answer the following questions. 1) Ethically , is brain death not as final as cardiac death? Why or why not?2)How does the Prudent Person Rule apply in this case?3) in your opinion could this tragedy have been prevented? if so, how?To earn FULL Points, you must meet the following criteria:????length of response should be between two to three sentences per question????use complete sentences, proper grammar, and spelling.Attachment 1Attachment 2

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