Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses Absolutism.wn on enlightened classes of those societies away from the Catholic Church and towards more individualistic and personal, as well as more direct forms of relating with God. The Reformation would then enliven and attract the Spanish and the French to religious participation, which would then in the proceeding age be used to control and to subjugate those populations via measures to impose discipline under the guise of religious activity. This would then pave the way for monarchies being facilitated in their drive to consolidate power and to stifle opposition from different factions of French and Spanish societies, having also endeavored to subjugate the religious hierarchies to the power of the monarchies (Pearson, 2010. Pearson, 2010b. Pearson, 2010c).The two courts emphasized grandeur and the projection of the power of the monarchy through architecture, through the patronage of the artistic outputs and the products of their culture, and through a projection of monarchical power via the attempt to grow their respective territories. Both emphasized for instance the grandeur of their bases of power, Philip II in El Escorial and Louis XIV in Versailles. Both also conducted their office with machinations designed to further strengthen their hold on power and to perpetuate their rule over the other stakeholders in their respective societies ((Pearson, 2010. Soylent Communications, 2014. PBS, 2014).One can say that it was the work of Frederick William in being able to consolidate power in Prussia and in being able to project and grow the power of Prussia over its neighbors in Europe, to transform the territory into a truly great European power, that allowed Frederick the Great, who basically inherited his father’s work and its fruits, to rule Prussia in an effective manner. Without his father it is doubtful that Frederick the Great would have been able to do his work unimpeded by the obstacles that his father had cleared for him, when it was his father’s turn to