I will pay for the following essay Major Causes of Accidents. The essay is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.This paper has discussed the major cause of accidents as careless driving often caused by reckless driving. In response to deter accidents, most governments have established the need to implement and regulate speed limit rules. With this, this paper has outlined the effect of open speed limits to a society. First, open speed limits on roads, streets, and highways leads to major accidents since it motivates drivers to drive at the speed they want. Secondly, driving at a high speed causes the wheels to blow up, which is the major cause of injury and accidents to the driver and other people. With these facts in mind, governments should establish the need to implement and regulate speed limit. By so doing, the government would eradicate high rates of accidents occurring on a daily basis. In my opinion, implementing traffic rules is important as it save lives and improves a country’s economy. With this in mind, I would recommend many governments to implement and regulate traffic rules as they would save lives and eradicate poverty. Most countries use road speed limits to adjust the speed for road vehicles. The speed limit is usually set by the provincial government to safeguard roads. Therefore, this paper is significant as it educates many about observing traffic rules particularly regulating and implementing speed limits.

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