Refer to the RUBRIC for this assignment as to how your essay will be graded and points will be assigned. Refer to the SHOT EXERCISE and THESIS & OUTLINE EXERCISE WHICHWERE PRACTICE FOR YOUR REALISM ESSAY.

Formatting: 2-3 double-spaced pages (1000-1500 words), 1″ margins, Times Roman, 12-point font. Your essay MUST have a strong thesis statement. I recommend given the short nature of the essay to not make a thesis claim for which you have to prove more than 2 points. Think first paragraph ends with your thesis. Next 2-3 paragraphs provide evidence to support your thesis. Final paragraph is your conclusion, summarize, but do not insert new points.

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Short Response Essay: We have learned about Pre-revolutionary Iranian New Wave cinema and Post-revolutionary New Iranian Cinema and have watched different films from various directors. We have explored how the filmmakers influenced by Italian Neo-realism and Persian literature suggest Iranian Neo-realism cinema. For this essay you will choose one title from the list below and consider, in traditional essay format (first-person ‘I’ is fine, but I want an introduction with thesis, body, and conclusion), any of the following questions: How does this film approach or define New Iranian Cinema? How does it set out to portray its subject? How does the filmmaker establish his cinematic style and what role does the style play in the film’s meanings and messages? You need not answer all the above questions; they are meant to give you some direction

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