Nurse Practice Act Power Point Presentation Assignment and Grading Rubric

Power Point Format Expectations

It is important that students understand that the legal parameters of APN practice vary tremendously across the United States. Each state has its own laws regarding the scope of practice for APNs. This assignment is to compare the nurse practice acts (or whatever the name of the statute that controls APN practice) −and the accompanying rules for administration for those acts−in two states: the one where you live/work now and another state to be assigned by course faculty shortly after the semester has begun. You are to develop a detailed and scholarly PowerPoint presentation that adheres to APA format for any references, as well as the standard rules of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. Bullet point format should be used for most slides; in other words, few slides should have full paragraphs. However, there should be enough detail in the entire presentation that anyone reading the slides would have the answers to the questions below—but copying lengthy sections of a statute should be avoided. Excellent summarizing and paraphrasing—rather than just copying and pasting whole sections of a statute—is actually encouraged. Side-by-side comparison of information can be effective, assuming the slide is not too “busy.”

Background Information about State Regulations

Please note that you must actually read the practice acts and the accompanying rules of the states assigned. But the good news is that the language about APN practice is usually located in a single, identifiable section of each act; therefore, you may focus on only the part of the acts specific to advanced practice nurses. I have noted elsewhere that you should not rely on the summaries done by Carolyn Buppert in our textbook simply because in any given year a state may change its act. The Nurse Practitioner Journal article, 28th annual legislative update:  Advancements continue for APRN practice can be helpful, although again any statute might have been revised since that article was published. The article can be found on the course home page under articles, videos and power-points for weekly assignments.

Finally, there is yet another resource for this assignment, which is provided by Barton Associates, which is a locum tenens staffing company. This site was discovered by one of our students who took NURS 610 previously. Below is the link for a very interesting color-coded diagram indicating the various elements of practice acts for all of the states and Washington, D.C. This may not be up to date.

While the references are instructive in terms of the frameworks of nurse practice acts in different states, you still must still read the actual statutes and rules of the both states

The accompanying rules for administration are often contained in an entirely different document from the practice act itself. What is the difference between statutes and rules? The statute is the law passed by the each state’s legislature; it is usually more general in its verbiage and is comparable to a policy. Rules, on the other hand, are written by government employees in the state agency/regulatory body and are much more specific like procedures.

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