Interpret each of the given lines. Write down the first line as it appears in the play. Then, in your own words, summarize the entire passage.

Character/Line(s)First LineInterpretation
Romeo: 3.1.136O, I am fortune’s fool!Romeo believes Fate is against him.
Juliet: 3.2.71
Juliet: 3.2.134-135
Friar: 3.3.146-158
Capulet: 3.4.19-21

Act III Review Questions

1. What causes the fight between Mercutio and Tybalt?

2. Under what circumstances is Mercutio killed?

3. Why does Romeo kill Tybalt?

4. What is Romeo’s punishment for killing Tybalt?

5. Why isn’t Romeo sentenced to death?

6. What does Juliet threaten to do with the cord rope?

7. How does Romeo feel about his punishment?

8. What is the turning point of the play?

9. How does Friar Laurence react to Romeo’s tears in scene 3?

10. What is the Friar’s plan for Romeo and Juliet?

11. What plans have Juliet’s parents made for her in scene 4?

12. Describe what happens to the relationship between Juliet and the Nurse.

13. How does Lord Capulet change at the end of Act III?

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