Action Research Project Proposal (20 points total)

Prepare written proposal of your action research project. 

The written proposal are worth 10 points each. The proposal should include: 

 A sound research question with justification (Question: Does Restorative Circle benefit with students behavior? )

 Methodology for answering this research question 

 Theoretical orientation of the inquiry 

 Position of the researcher 

 Benefits and limitations to your research 

 A timeline for data collection 

 A suggested approach to data analysis Individual Assignments in

Anticipation of the Final Project (20 points total) Student are required to turn in

the following individual assignments at various points in the semester, as

indicated in the course schedule. Grades can be earned for timely completion,

thorough work, and quality peer evaluation. The following assignments are

required for individual submission: 

 Research question assignment (5 points) 

 Literature review assignment (5 points) 8-10 pages (First complete the search log and write an 8-10 pages of literature review.)

 Methodology assignment (5 points) What are you going to do?What are your methods? 

 Data collection assignment (5 points) What are you collecting? How? 

Final Action Research Project (40 points total) The written

portion of this final project (worth 30 points) requires the following elements:

 Introduction 

 Research questions 

 Literature review 

 Theoretical orientation / commitments 

 Methodology 

 Data Analysis 

 Findings 

 Limitations 

 References 

 Appendices The entire research project (written paper) may not

exceed 20 written pages, exclusive of references and appendices. Grades for this assignment will exclude any written material beyond 20 pages.

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