We discussed Linda Hogan’s pathway to healing the bonds among people and nature. This essay will present your analysis of how Thomas moves from trauma to healing. Your essay should consist of three well-defined sections. Describe your understanding of Linda Hogan’s philosophy regarding people and the natural environment and pathway to healing. Describe, with examples, how Thomas moves from trauma to healing. Describe the events or actions that show his evolution toward his people’s traditions. You might discuss why he does not go home when he has the chance to and what finally drives him to go home. You might also discuss how his views change on the whale hunt or on his responsibility to the daughter he left behind. Reflect on the environmental damage in our own communities. How can Hogan’s pathway to healing be implemented to foster healing in our society? How can we re-connect with nature ourselves and encourage our families and neighbors to do so? 550 to 1000 words. Citations encouraged. 12-point font, double spaced. No title page or list of references is required. The handout is meant as a guide for you to use to shape your essay. It is NOT fill-in-the-blank.

the reading online at https://www.kcet.org/shows/neighborhood-data-for-social-change/community-health-in-the-i-710-corridor





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