In the verge of administrative challenges, the best organizational strategy to implement as a leader is the perspective on “delegation.”  It is important to take note that the obligation of a leader mainly falls on the vortex of “conceptual skills” mixed with the forecasted value of human resource power.  In the case presented, given the fact that the main issue mainly lies on the scarcity or unavailability of information dissemination medium, the finest way to get through the dilemma is to dwell on the basic of communicating—snail mail would be a good option. Another alternative would be delegating the “message”—the new vacation policy—to your subordinates.
Take for example, in every state or country by which your company has scope onto, the power of local autonomy would serve you right.  As a matter of fact, it will be a lot easier to have the “regional” offices do the relay of message or idea, than to spend much on the expense of that purpose.  Further, with regard to the predicament on “language” inefficiency among your constituents, it would rather be best to have those “regional” office department heads to fix the problem—the regional directors must be critically filtered in such a way that they are able to understand both the international language and respective dialects of the region.
Moreover, in the light of the “new policy,” to be able to get a glimpse of the feedback and recommendations of your subordinates, it is recommended that the leader calls for a general assembly for all the designated regional offices, and decentralize the power of “company” hearing or survey for each location (Stillman, 2004).  In such way, it will be cost-efficient, less hassle and beneficial for both the members and the leader for that instance.
However, to be able to assess that the “plan” is effective and is proficient enough to be thoroughly implemented, the leader must consistently visit the respective regions to “personally” check on the employees and to give them an echelon of faith that the company is still highly respectable and professional in the keenest way possible (Ollman, 1999).
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