1) Read the background information provided here.

You are a shop steward in the Laborers’ International Union of North America. You represent employees at Vanderbilt University with respect to the current agreement.

Frank, an hourly employee in the bargaining unit wrote you the following note.

I want to file a grievance under our contract. Last Tuesday morning, at the last minute, I had to stay home to take care of my nephew. He was very sick. Generally my wife would be able to call off her job; however, she was called in for emergency work. I talked to my boss yesterday. He said he won’t let me use sick leave even though I was taking care of a sick child. I believe I’m entitled to sick leave pay.

What should I do to get reimbursed for that day?

2) Write an essay by the due date listed on the course calendar.

Based on the materials in the Holley, et. al., chapter, the provisions of the grievance procedure and sick leave provisions of the contract,
Write a 500-750 word essay identifying the questions you need to ask in order to see if Frank has a legitimate grievance or not.  If he does how should you proceed?  If not, what would you say to Frank about his situation?
“What should I do to get reimbursed for that day?”

3) Upload your essay in this assignment.

When writing your submission you must relate your response to relevant concepts related to the lesson’s readings.  You are free to supplement the lesson’s readings with sources from the web; however, you are not permitted to use Wikipedia as a source.
You will be graded to the degree you do so in a logical, coherent, substantive manner.
You must use appropriate APA guidelines when documenting those references.

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