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PSY-358 Adult Development and Aging Topic 5 – Relationships Chart Directions: Evaluating the expert research, describe the effect each relationship might have on the emotional well-being of an individual. Bullet points are preferred over paragraphs, 25-50 words per box should suffice. Use at least THREE academic sources, including the APA citation within chart and full references at the bottom. Your text counts as an expert source. Information must be unbiased and relatively current. Once completed, you will answer the follow-up question below. Minimum 2 Potential Advantages Relationship (e.g. positive impact on well-being) Minimum 2 Potential Disadvantages Minimum 2 techniques/resources to facilitate relationship success and improve well-being (e.g. negative impact on well-being) (e.g. social support, friendships, communication, behavioral techniques) Marriage Cohabitation (unmarried) Remaining Single Single Parent Child moving out for College Caring for an ill parent Chose one from list below Chose one from list below Choose two more relationships from the list below (or devise your own). Replace your choices with the red text and complete each box. • Divorced with children • Divorce with no children • Remarriage with children (blended family) • • • • • Grandparenting Adopting a child Fostering a child Sibling conflict Two working parents Follow-up: In 100-200 words, explain some of your biggest “take-aways” from this research activity. How might this information guide your relationship decision making? References: PSY-358 Relationship Chart Topic 5 Scoring Guide- Weighted Items Grading category Chart Content Worksheet addressed eight adult relationship types. Provided substantive information regarding advantages, disadvantages, and techniques to facilitate success. Information was accurate, comprehensive, unbiased, and supported with at least 3 current academic sources (text, journal, etc.). Reflection Addressed each of the post-research follow-up questions in a substantive and meaningful way Points ____/45 ___/15 Grammar All writing is academic in nature (e.g. grammar, sentence ___/10 structure, punctuation). APA In-text citations are used properly and formatted in APA ___/10 style Reference list included/APA style Total /80 ©2017. Grand Canyon University.

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