Week 3 discussion
Adult Learning Theories” Please respond to the following:
· Watch the video below titled, “Andragogy (Adult Learning)” 
· Next, from the readings and video, use Knowles’ six (6) assumptions about adult learning to critique one (1) course or class in which you recently participated as either a student or instructor. 
· Determine which, if any, of Knowles’ assumptions were used in designing and delivering the instruction. Provide one (1) example from the instruction for each assumption used. If none of Knowles’ assumptions were used, speculate about the possible reason(s) for not using his assumptions. 
Week 3-can use as references 
· Reading(s)
o Bouchard, J. (2014). Transformative Learning. Transformative Learning – Research Starters Education, 1. 
o Merriam, S. B. (2001). Andragogy and Self-Directed Learning: Pillars of Adult Learning Theory. New Directions For Adult & Continuing Education, 2001(89). 
o Stoica, I. (2015). Adult Learning Theory. Adult Learning Theory – Research Starters Education, 1. 
o Weinstein, N. (2015). Experiential Learning. Experiential Learning – Research Starters Education, 1. 
· Video(s)
o Finley, Janet. (2010, May 17). Andragogy (Adult Learning) [Video file]. Retrieved from http://youtu.be/vLoPiHUZbEw 

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