Discussion Topic 1: Using Writing Resources

Review and Write:  Visit the UMUC’s Effective Writing Center (EWC) – you need to find the link yourself!  Explore the vast resources provided by the EWC to UMUC students and faculty.  Select between two and four features they offer, and write two substantive paragraphs about what you learned.  Include at least two links in your writing to sub-pages on the EWC site that relate to your paragraphs.  Use a business tone, and make your writing persuasive, to encourage your classmates to visit the EWC!

Discussion Topic 2: Active and Passive Voice

Review and Write:  Jose M. Blanco is a college English instructor who has developed a wealth of informative and helpful lessons and worksheets on English grammar.  His website is available at http://www.grammar-worksheets.com.  To complement the lesson in WRTG 394, week 3 on Writing Business Messages, this short lesson on Active and Passive Voice will help you improve your business writing.  The term voice, when used in English grammar, refers to the structure of a sentence. There are two “voices” in English grammar –active voice and passive voice.

Active Voice: In an active voice sentence, the agent (the one who does the action in the sentence) is stated explicitly as the grammatical subject. The thing that the agent does something to (the direct object) comes after the verb. Here’s an example.

Active Voice Sentence: Julio cooked fried rice.

“Julio” is the agent. He’s the one who does the action. In this case, he’s the one who cooked the rice. In this active voice sentence, Julio is the grammatical subject. What did Julio cook? He cooked fried rice. The words fried rice make up the direct object. The fried rice is the thing that the agent (Julio) does something to. In this case he cooked it.

Passive Voice: In a passive voice sentence, the thing that the agent does something to is placed as the grammatical subject of the sentence. The agent (the one who does the action) is placed after the subject, usually in a prepositional phrase. In fact, sometimes the agent is hidden, not even mentioned.

Passive Voice Sentence: The fried rice was cooked by Julio. (The agent is mentioned.)

Passive Voice Sentence: The fried rice was cooked. (The agent is not mentioned.)

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