The move to Crispin, Porter and Bogusky advertising was one of the wisest moves that Burger King CEO Brad Blum could have made. From previously declining sales, Crispin advertising was able to change all that through its out of the box advertising campaigns. Although ultimately Burger King sales went up, it did not necessarily mean that the market and the critics were impressed.
The following is a short discussion on most and least helpful of these campaigns and their impact on the potential market of Burger King. Crispin used several consumer sales promotions items to help boost the sales of Burger King. Out of those discussed in the readings, the Coq Roq campaign was least helpful. Although sales of Chicken Fries were very strong, the use of a heavy metal band and too commercialized overly focused on the promotion of the band rather than the product it was trying to sell.
Worse, shortened the reach of the company to only its current target market and isolated it from the rest of its potential market, by making their advertising too specific to a particular market. Unlike the Coq Roq campaign, the Have it your way campaign was the most helpful. It was able to address the underlying desire of consumers of being made to feel individual and special. It showed consumers that their needs and wants came first, and this was portrayed by a quirky television commercial of two men in an office racing to create their own burger.
In addition, the online campaign “subservient chicken,” which was connected with the have it your way campaign drew in more customers by using word of mouth, or in this case by sharing it with friends through e-mail. By this kind of promotion, Crispin was able to expand Burger Kings target market by the use of a campaign that was friendly to a wider market. By this method of advertising it accomplished what the Coq Roq campaign was unable to, that is it allowed the image of Burger King to be more “market friendly,” attracting other segments of the market.