Part I: A Slide presentation that describes the field

study. The slide show should contain simple bullet points

on your culture/country- Remember the 6×6 rule, use
photos, media examples, maps and clip art judiciously to
showcase your culture/country. Minimum of 28 font in
bulleted text. Around 8-10 slides including an introduction
and conclusion slide.
Part II: Each individual should be sure to use three
or more concepts learned in class and from their research
on their culture- applying them to their culture in their
slide show.
Part III: Based on their research each individual should
finish their slide show with at least 3 suggestions or
recommendations on how to become a more competent communicator with the culture they selected.

Also I need an annotated bibliography- of your 4
sources- an annotated bibliography is a citation of your
source – followed by a paragraph or two – a summary- of
your source. Not your opinion. The rest of the directions are below in the three attachments.

Read the lecture and readings first. Then answer the following question:

More and more non-profit organizations are approaching their stakeholders through social media. In a crowded marketplace, what challenges do you think they have to look out for? How can they navigate these waters successfully?

Please use at least 2 sources for citations from the readings or the lecture. No outside sources allowed. At least 350 words (not included the reference page). The paper should be academic. APA format.



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