The importance of a good healthcare system to a country cannot be overemphasized. The success of any country is pegged on its ability to ensure the health of its citizens is guaranteed (Zwelling, 2014).  As such, it is imperative for an economy to adopt a health care system which is efficient. This ensures that service delivery is excellent as well as ensuring that the economic costs involved are not too high. For a long time now, there has been hullabaloo surrounding the health care reforms enacted by the Obama administration. Whereas some people have held the position that the reforms are good, others have viewed the reforms as unwarranted and unnecessary. The debate of this pertinent has been rife not only amongst the lawmakers but also amongst the ordinary folks in the country. This paper seeks to discuss on why the health care reform is not plausible and tenable.

To begin with, the costs involved in the health care system are very high.  It is estimated that the health care will cost the country in excess of $ 1.4 trillion in the first ten years of its implementation (Ku, 2017). This is a very high amount of money especially when you take into account the fact that the United States of America finances a good part of its budget from borrowed funds. The deficit is estimated to increase by $75 billion annually. If this is assumed to increase constantly in each budget year, by 2020 the national debt will be around$ 750 billion. This will, therefore, mean that the country will plunge into more economic problems as it tries to finance the budget required to implement the program.  This will cause problems to the balance of payment.  The high debt levels used in the funding of medical care also imply that the country will shy aware from undertaking projects that would be more sound.

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