AHIMA Code of Ethics

Review the AHIMA Code of Ethics at and in a minimum of 250 words summarize its salient features; discuss which areas of the AHIMA Code of Ethics are most pertinent to your job?; and what are your major takeaways as HIM professional? 

Discussion 2; SNOMED-CT

SNOMED-CT (Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine – Clinical Terms) is recommended to be used in Electronic Health Record (EHR) for the  electronic exchange of health information instead of ICD and CPT.

Discuss its reasons in your post of 250 or more words containing 2-3 credible sources/peer-reviewed references.

Discussion 3 (in HCAD 640 course), Topic: Organizational Costing and Profit Analysis

Managing a healthcare organization through revenue generation and cost control is beneficial for the sustainability of the organization. “There is a statistically significant relationship between hospital financial performance and quality of care (Dong, G.N., 2015).” Evidence supports the concept that well fiscally managed healthcare organizations deliver better healthcare to patients than organizations that do not. In a few paragraphs of (250 words), conduct some research to either support or refute this claim through an original discussion forum post.

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