A film journal + 250 words analysis and discussion

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Title Still Life Director Sohrab Shahid-Saless Year 1074 Produced by Parviz Sayyad Distruibuted by Co-operative Film Markers & Tele film present Summary, Key Themes & POV The movie starts in the quiet outskirts, and the plot unfolds slowly. The film records every detail of the railway administrator’s life and his wife, making tea, drinking tea, eating, cleaning up, laying on the floor, smoking, and adjusting the alarm clock… The camera is continuously switching between the work and life scenes. The old man is a railroad switchman. His job responsibilities are particularly simple, controlling the iron rod manually when the car comes and leaves. It’s such a tedious job, which the elderly stick to day after day and serve for 33 years. The shot switched from the hut where the old man worked to the place where he lived. In the hut, an old

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