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Environmental Science Case Study You are to pick 1 of the 3 case studies and write a 2-page paper (double-spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman Font, normal margins) not to exceed 3 pages and turned in through Canvas. For your case study, make sure that you cover the following information about the case study and concepts that you have studied this semester in Environmental Science. ❖ 1st Paragraph (about ¼ page): ❖ 2nd Paragraph (about ¾ page): o Describe the case study ▪ Where did it occur? ▪ Why is it an issue? ▪ What natural resource is at stake? Answer the following questions for the scenario picked: The “Heartbreaking” Effect of Algal Blooms – Heart disease and the Southern Sea Otter ● Why do top predators such as Bald Eagles and Sea Otters suffer more effects from toxins? ● Why should we care about is happening to these sea otters?

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