Algebra and Geometry Questions



Module 1A Written Homework NAME _____________________________________________ CLASS ________ SECTION __________ Each question is worth five points. Clearly show all work and identify your final answer. Be sure to simplify all answers and include units if necessary. 1) Write the following numbers is order from least to greatest: 53 6 7 42 8 5 ,8 ,− , 8.2, −8 3 5 2) Jordan has 3/4 of a bag of dog food. His dog ate 2/7 of it this week. What fraction of the bag of food did Jordan’s dog eat? 3) Write the following as a fraction is simplest form: 5 8÷ 6 7 4) Write the following as a mixed number in simplest form: 2 3 3 4 9 −5 5) Four friends went out for lunch. Their total bill was $34.04 including tax an

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