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HW 3 MATA101, S!2020 1.What graph is a graph of a function? Why? 2.What graph represent a relation which inverse is a function? Why? 3.What graph is a graph of One-to-One function (it satisfies both requirements: is a function and has inverse function) 4.Fnd X-intercepts (Zeros of the function), Y-intercept, Local (Relative) Maximum/s and Minimum/s, Intervals of Increase and Decrease, Domain and Range. (Use approximated values if it is necessary) A) B) C) D) 5.Are the two graphs are graphs of inverse functions? Why or why not? A) B) C) D) 6.Sketch the graph of the inverse relation. 7. What is the transformation from the Parent (Basic ) function ? Hint: horizontal shift by…to the left or right; vertical shift by… up or down: vertical stretch or shrink , reflection across x- axis or y -axis A) y = 2×2 (basic Function y =

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