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10/19/21, 6:58 PM Quiz: Section 7.3 Section 7.3 Started: Oct 18 at 12:44am Quiz Instructions Question 1 3 pts The coffee shop, Central Perk, can make you eggs (prepared one of 6 different ways), meat ( 3 choices), toast ( 4 choices), and potatoes ( 2 ways). How many different options does a customer have for ordering breakfast, if one of each item is ordered? (Enter your answer in the box below). Question 2 3 pts A pizza place offers 4 kinds of vegetable and 3 kinds of meat toppings. When ordering a pizza with two toppings only, how many different ways can you order a pizza with a vegetable topping and a meat topping? (Enter your answer in the box below). Question 3 3 pts While on vacation, a couple buy 1 different post cards to send to 1 of their friends. How many different ways are there to send the cards to their

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