Algebra Worksheet Paper



Course Name: Second Year Algebra 2 Course ID: MTHH040059 Student: Daimon Gardner Student ID: G83165467 Generated Date: October 08, 2021 Progress Test 1 Although the progress test is similar in style to the unit evaluations, the progress test is a closed-book test. It is important that you do your own work. Select the response that best completes the statement or answers the question. Your graphing calculator may be used on this progress test. You may also use scratch paper to work out the solutions. ____ 1. Write a function that models inverse variation if x = −6 when y = −2. A. y = 12x B. C. D. y = −12x ____ 2. What are the points of discontinuity of this function: A. 2, −2 B. 4, −4 C. −4, 16 D. none 

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