Algebraic Functions Quiz



University of Maryland University College Math 107 – College Algebra Quiz 5 Free Response, Multiple Choice, and Yes/No Problems, 6 Points Each. You may write answers after problems (you may use Microsoft Equation). If you prefer handwriting, prepare you answer sheet, scan it, and prepare a file in PDF format. Write an exact answers, using fractions or radicals as needed. Simplify answers if possible. 1. Given that f(x) = 55x + 22 and g(x) = x3, find (f ◦ g)(− 3). 2. Find (f ◦ g)(x) and (g ◦ f)(x) for f ( x) = 5 x − 4, g ( x) = x+4 . 5 3. Find ( f g )( x) and ( g f )( x) and the domain of each. f ( x) = 2 x + 1, g ( x) = x . 4. Choose the graph that shows a graph of a one-to-one function and its inverse (shown red and dashed). A C B D 5. Determine whether the function f ( x) = x + 2 is one-to-one. Yes 6. Find the invers

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