Company: Google
Problem: High turn over rates

Prompt: In task 3-2, you will submit a presentation describing your diagnosis of at least one problem within the selected organization. 

The format should be a  three- to four-slide presentation.  

Guidelines for Presentations: The development of concise, professional presentations suitable for presenting to the leadership of a client organization is an  important component of an organizational consultant’s role. For each presentation, the content should clearly address the specific goal. The target audience is  the client, so the slides should be written in an effort to persuade the client to agree with your point of view. No matter how extensive the research or accurate  the conclusions, a weak presentation can undermine an argument. When creating presentations, you will develop skills in researching an issue, synthesizing the  information, organizing data logically, and presenting findings in an effective manner. 

? You may use a product such as PowerPoint, Google Presentation, or Prezi to create your presentations.

 ? There are various template designs that you can find on the web for your presentation. Consider your presentation from the perspective of your  audience prior to selecting a specific style. Avoid distractions. Be consistent with the style of text, bullets, and subpoints to support a powerful  presentation that allows your content to be the focus. 

? Each slide should include your key point(s). Do not place large blocks of text on the visual.

 ? Use clip art, AutoShapes, pictures, charts, tables, and diagrams to enhance but not overwhelm your content.

 ? Be mindful of the intended audience.
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Teacher: Mr. Gao Algebraic Manipulations and Formulas MCV4U Mathematics MHF4U Advanced Functions – Algebraic Manipulations and Formulas Exact Values / 12 Unit Circle /8 /4 Formulas /6 / 20 /3 / 10 /4 / 10 Total 1. /3 / 40 (Exact Value I) Find the exact value of each of the following. Procedures are mandatory; correct answer will receive half a mark (8 marks).  a) sin 3 4 b) − tan c) csc 5 3 d)  11  cos  −   3  e) tan 17 6 f) cot g) − sin h)  4  − csc  −   3  19 6 3  2 Teacher: Mr. Gao Algebraic Manipulations and Formulas MCV4U (Exact Value II) Find the exact value of each of the following. Procedures are required. Correct answer is worth only one mark (12 marks). a) sin 17 12 b) 2 tan c) sec −5 12 d) cos  8  16 Teacher: Mr. Gao 2. Algebraic Manipulations and Formulas (Unit Circle I) Given sin  = −

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