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Homework Questions for Alien (1979, Dir. Ridley Scott) 1. How does the opening title sequence establish the tone and themes of Alien? Think in terms of color, font, or music. (Most modern films move all credits to the end, but it was common for 20th Century films to begin with the main titles) 2. Most of Alien is set on board the Nostromo, how would you describe the spaceship? How does the ship serve as a character? 3. The seven-person crew of the Nostromo are sometimes referred to as “Space Truckers.” How do they feel about working in space? Did you notice any specific social dynamics among the crew, specifically relating to social class? 4. How is lighting used to effect throughout Alien? Did you notice any dominant colors? What effect do those colors have on you – the viewer? 5. What did you think of the pacing of the film? Which one or

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