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 United States Government All of the following parts of the president’s cabinet were created before the 1900s except: Secretary of Treasury Secretary of Defense Attorney General Department of Commerce Which department oversees counting the population of a US city? Secretary of Defense Secretary of Labor Homeland Security Department of Commerce What is a primary role of the Executive Office of the President? To manage foreign affairs. To advise the president, particularly with policy making . Mainly to assist the first lady in her duties. None of the above The president does not have the power to make new laws. This is solely a power granted to Congress. True False During a president’s term, when is the best time for a president to pass his desired policies to Congress? During the beginning of his administration is the best time to push his plans. After serving at least two years as president. Only after he has a strong relationship with Congress The best time is during his last year in his administration. Should a vacancy occur in the office of the vice president, the Twenty-Fifth Amendment directs the electoral college to vote on a new vice president. Congress to vote on a new vice president. Speaker of the House of Representative to succeed to the office President to appoint a new vice president, subject to confirmation by the Congress. During whose administration did the president’s role in policy making change? Barack Obama George W. Bush Franklin D. Roosevelt George Washington All of the following affect a president’s plans becoming implemented except: net worth leadership personality performance Of the following, which president ended his presidency with the highest approval rating? Bill Clinton George W. Bush Ronald Reagan Lyndon B. Johnson Though a president’s top priority is domestic, it is necessary for the president to gain the support of foreign leaders during his administration. True False
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