You will watch the movie Amadues and complete the questionnaire. The movie is attached below,

You will also watch Immortal Beloved and complete the questionnaire. The movie is attached below. attachmentsSlide 1 of 2

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IMMORTAL BELOVED QUESTIONNAIRE Ludwig van Beethoven was a complicated man; musical genius, curmudgeon, lover of women but never married, an uncompromising person. This film charts his life and speculates upon the possible eventual recipient of his letter to his “Immortal Beloved”. Although the conclusion of the film regarding this recipient is not shared by most historians and musicologists, the musical journey that Beethoven endured is, for the most part, accurate. Gary Oldman’s own musical talent is used to great effect in this film (he was training to become a concert pianist in his teens and switched his career path to become an actor), although he does not actually play on the soundtrack. Those are Oldman’s own hands you see on the piano in the film. Each question is worth 20 points. Please answer as fully as possible – the more you write the

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