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1. Why was Bacon’s Rebellion important in establishing hierarchy among various classes of people in the American colonies?

2. In what ways was the colony of South Carolina fundamentally different than all the other colonies? Explain.

3, Provide two examples of how the cultural construct of race was applied in American colonial society to oppress marginalized people.

4. Why is the Samba Rebellion significant?

5. There were plenty of radical ideas throughout the colonies, provide one example and determine if it is still present in today’s society.overdose deaths Mirna Abbo HED 201 A Public Health Approach: Reduce drug overdose deaths Healthy People 2030 •Category: Drug and alcohol use •Initiative and number: 21.6 drug-overdose deaths per 100,000 population (2019) •Baseline: 20.7 drug overdose deaths per 100,000 population occurred in 2018 (age adjusted to the year 2000 standard population) •Target: 20.7% Why overdose death is important ● ● It is important to learn about the signs of overdose and about the medication naloxone below. Knowing how to use this medication could save a life. When used immediately after an overdose, naloxone can block the effects of the opioids and help prevent death. References Veterans Affairs. Opioid Overdose. (2019, February 11). Retrieved April 15, 2022, from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2022, February 23). Lifesaving naloxone. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Retrieved April 15, 2022, from Title YOUR NAME HED 201 A Public Health Approach: YOUR PROGRAM Healthy People 2030 • Category: • Initiative and number • Baseline: • Target: Why (Your Topic) Is Important • Put at least 2 reasons in this slide why this is a goal in Healthy People and why your topic is important to health. • You MUST have references!! • You can even Google “why (your topic) is important to health” to get some 

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