• Discuss what actions Franklin D. Roosevelt took to strengthen America’s monetary system during the Great Depression.
  • Compare and contrast the impact of the New Deal for minorities in the United States.
  • One of the reasons for Roosevelt’s unprecedented popularity was his wife, Eleanor Roosevelt. Discuss her role as an adviser to him and her assent as one of the most influential and revered leaders of her time.
  • Discuss Franklin D. Roosevelt’s legislative achievements during the Second New Deal.
  • Discuss the legacy of the New Deal and how effective it was in altering the nation’s social and political landscape.

Things to consider:

  • The length requirement for this essay is a minimum of (2 pages) and a maximum of (3 pages) double spaced, 12 font, and one inch margins all around). I will not read anything under 2. I am very strict about the page number requirement! Please put your essay in the textbook. I do not accept attachments.
  • You do not need to make formal citations for the papers as you will NOT be using outside sources. Only use Foner and the documents provided. A simple parenthetical citation with the book(s) you used and the page number will be sufficient. Example: (Foner, p. 47) (Source Name) Again, Outside sources are PROHIBITED. I would like to se 3 to 5 quotes from EACH document. Always include in your citations an analysis of its significance in your own words.
  • Proofread your paper!
  • Avoid first person (“I”) statements.
  • Watch your tenses! If it happened in the past, use the past ten

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