The central question for you to explain is: How did people envision the future differently in the early 18th century (1700-1774) compared to the later 18th century (1774-1812)? Answering this question will comprise the main thesis of your paper.

Everywhere there was the weight of the future pressing back upon the present. In other words, if people in the present did not take the future into proper consideration, then the risk was that the future might turn out far less than ideal. So, in this paper I want you to focus on competing visions of the “future” as they changed over time from the early 18th century to the late 18th century.

I’ve attached a document with around 6 different sources for you to use choose atleast 2 of them to get across the main argument make sure atleast 1 from each time period. Completely up to your discretion

Please note that, once again, you cannot respond to this question with a monolithic argument — you must account for both historical dynamism (change over time) and social diversity (variation among people). And you absolutely must deal with both parts of the eighteenth century: the earlier and the latter.

Be sure to endnote/footnote the precise source of any quotations, derivative ideas, or uncommon facts. You should quote from primary documents produced by people in the past (like Benjamin Rush or one of the other founders) — this is the most persuasive evidence for any historical interpretation. If you glean ideas from a secondary source (such as your lecture notes), use your own words and simply cite in a footnote or endnote where you found inspiration for a specific idea.

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