For this paper, use the element of setting. Not setting in the traditional sense – for example,
Angels in America is set in New York City. Both Angels in America and Water by the Spoonful use elements of fantasy. Why did the
playwrights make those choices? How do these elements change the story? What is the
difference between a straight representation and the fantastical? (Don’t answer these questions literally, but use them to give you an idea about how the essay should be structured)Instead, use the fantastical elements of setting (be sure to define) from each play and specific moments in the text to analyze how the playwrights integrate these elements into their stories. 
How do these individual moments help you to understand the world of the play?
As we’ve discussed, analysis points to a theme – the big idea behind the scenes.
In order to analyze, you select specific moments in the texts. Use them to develop and support
your argument, your thesis, the main point of the paper that you wish to convince the reader of –
the “why does it matter” heart of the matter.
 Please note: this is NOT a research paper; there is no need for outside sources other than
the texts we are using in class.
Writing a paper is an opportunity to help you learn what you think about a subject. The goal of
this paper is to help you understand how elements that seem to be peripheral are, in fact, integral
to our understanding of art.

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