During one of many battle Hector forced his way through the ranks of men and speared Patroclus  in the lower part of his belly (Homer 171).  When Achilles get word of his fallen friend rage consumes him and redirects  wrath toward Hector.  Achilles kills Hector, and desecrates his body by pulling it behind his chariot so everyone can view that he had killed him, he then  dragged Hectors corps back to his ship so the Trojans could not have him.

     Achilles did show some compassion, at the end of the book when king Priam came to Achilles.  He begged for Hectors corps so he can give him a proper burial.  This brought a memory to Achilles of his father Peleus, they both sat and cried together till the house filed with “lamentation” (Homer 189).  Priam spoke and asked “O king, bid me not be seated, while Hector is still lying uncared for in your tents, but accept the great ransom which I have brought you, and give him to me at once that I may look upon him” (Homer 191). Achilles then wrapped Hector to spare King Priam from seeing the destruction caused and let his father take him home.

My question to the class is what are your impressions of Achilles and what do you see as his strengths and weaknesses.

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