I’m working on a foreign languages presentation and need guidance to help me learn.

  1. This should be incredibly easy, I am just very bad at sign language
  2. (I already made my slides just need translation) 3-5 minutes slide presentation in ASL. Turn in the slides and script too.
    1. Show at least three different examples along with website links, pictures, items, etc.
    2. I have attached the documents I need translated in ASL video wise. Just translate the text and if you could say what you’re translating

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What am I passionate About? By Robert Mirr Film & Writing • Writing • Directing • Editing • Design ASL x Film • Recent Inspiration: • Sound of Metal The movie covers: • Losing hearing • Cochlear implants • Inspired my passion for film with a purpose • Addiction • Deaf communities • Appreciating deaf life Ways to incorporate film and ASL: Passion inspired 1. Easier Access for Open Caption and Close Caption content 2. Help end misinformation about ASL 3. Help inclusion of deaf artists in film Assistive Theaters • I work in sound design and typography • Combine knowledge in both • Create better viewing experience for dead and hearing impaired • AMC and Alamo Drafthouse End Misinformation • Make more films about the deaf and ASL • Produce • Write • Create • Contact small studios and directors Deaf Artist Inclusivity 1. More deaf actors

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