Based on both attached files build a script as a role play AmerisourceBergen sales representative scenario and based on the evaluation criteria from approach to closing and commitment. their competitor is Mckesson. and focus on the objective in the file also. write a long script that I can do for 6 minutes. question to ponder: do you make the decision? ask if they want 90 days trial, attachmentsSlide 1 of 2

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ROLE PLAY 1 Below is AB’s Value Proposition as AB believes it to be AmerisourceBergen is driving innovative partnerships with global manufacturers, health providers and pharmacies to improve product access and efficiency throughout the healthcare supply chain. As part of the largest global generics purchasing organization, the leading specialty pharmaceutical services provider and the partner with more community and health system pharmacy relationships than any other—we’re well positioned to help you capitalize on the dynamic changes in healthcare. From product commercialization and distribution to pharmacy, provider and manufacturer solutions, we’re working with you every day to enhance patient care. Background The Healthcare Supply Chain industry has become extremely complex and dominated by three very large companies;

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