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I need some help to write my report on “Corporate Sustainability” Unit. Attached you will find files with all the necessary requirements that you need to know regarding the report. Please note that you need to provide good quality of work since it is an important course, as well as using academic and proper references.

Read carefully every step that is mentioned in the requirements (files attached). Let me know if you have any questions and thank you for your consideration.3 attachmentsSlide 1 of 3

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Corporate Sustainability PROJECT HANDOUT RESIT DEPARTMENTBAED UNIT CODE CREDITS 10 PROGRAMME BA (Hons) UNIT TITLE Corporate Sustainability SEMESTER Resit COURSEWORK DETAILS C/W NUMBER|#2 CONTRIBUTION 60% of the module final mark C/W TITLE Project C/W TYPE Individual Research Paper LEARNING OUTCOMES Upon completion of this piece of coursework, students will be able to: LO1 Identify the complex and multiple dimensions of orporate sustainability LO21 Recognize sustainable strategies and policies LO3 Evaluate and justify assumptions about the sustainability of products and companies LO4 Recognize the importance of corporate sustainability in terms of professional concerns LOS Write an properly structured paper ASSESSMENT CRITERIA 1. Understanding of relevant issues raised by the topic 2. Quality of the material collected 3. Demonstration of

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