I will pay for the following essay An Efficient Manner in the Organization. The essay is to be 1 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.From this discussion it is clear that&nbsp.financial data in a company is of much consequence. In order to ensure accurate financial data collection and its correct use, the company must make sure that the IT function and Finance team collaborate and use the expertise of one another for better data and analysis. Both teams must be on the same page.&nbsp.This study declares that another important aspect is to make it simple and understandable to the extent that all stakeholders of a particular kind of data know what to do with it. however, it should not be broken down so much that it loses the essence of its purpose. For this reason, metrics are very important. It is extremely important to note what is measured. Off the mark measures will waste time and money, force people into performing on wrong parameters, all rendering the collected data unusable. To give meaning to any meaningless collection of data and convert it into useful and interpretable information, it is imperative that key tools and techniques are in place which a) collect the right kind and data and b) make the conversion into useful information easy.&nbsp.The very first step in this process is to assess whether the data collected is important in the first place. Was the purpose of collecting data to answer an important business question such as sales figures, costing information, employee satisfaction, etc.?&nbsp.To have efficiency in the overall system, it is important that the data collected is for a reason.

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