Guidelines and Grading Rubric
For our last assignment for the semester, you will read Francisco Jimenez’s book, The Circuit, in which he uses narrative in an attempt to integrate various aspects of his identity as a migrant child. In this book, you will find he discusses his family, his various communities, and the ways in which he ultimately attempts to make sense of his own relationship to race/ethnicity, gender, and ability in his life, as well as his multi-nationality.
For this assignment, you have about two weeks to read Jimenez’s book and answer the following questions in an approximately 4-page essay (double-spaced and typed; the page count does not include the References page). Do not answer the questions as a set of numbered responses. You should have a clear thesis and provide many details from Jimenez’s book to support your arguments. This assignment is due THURSDAY, December 9th by 11:55 pm. Please submit your assignment via the assignment portal located in the course menu folder titled FINAL PAPER. THE COURSE LATE POLICY DOES NOT APPLY TO THIS ASSIGNMENT AS I NEED TO TURN IN YOUR FINAL GRADES VERY SOON AFTER THE DUE DATE/TIME.

Tell the reader something about the identity of the main character in The Circuit. What do you think the reader should know about him when the book begins? When it ends? What is identity integration, and would you say that Jimenez achieves it in the book? What role do you think his writing of his book plays in his identity integration?

In the book, Jimenez demonstrates clearly that there are both challenges to his identity development as a migrant, as well as many resources and/or supports. Discuss two specific challenges to his identity development (you can focus on identity construction, emerging self-concept, or identity expression; you can also focus on any aspect of his self-concept, such as race/ethnicity, gender, ability, nationality, etc.). How did they hinder him? Then discuss two specific resources that helped him in his identity development. How did they help?

To what extent do you feel that family and/or community operated as a challenge or a resource to the main character’s identity development? Provide two clear examples to support your argument. Please use details from the book to demonstrate which individuals or institutions were involved in the challenge or support, as well as how they served as challenge or support to his identity development.

Conclude your essay by briefly discussing how this book or any other of our course materials may have helped you understand the importance of identity integration. [Hint: Does identity development always appear to be linear, easy, and predictable?] Put another way, why, do you think, would identity integration be an important ultimate goal for individuals, in their development?

Please post any questions you have about this assignment to the “Questions for the Professor” thread on Discussion Board.

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