Can you answer experiment 6 and 7 in rwo different documents please.
Experiment 6:

Watch the following video to see the reaction between aqueous solutions of NaCl and AgNO3.

Fill in the following on your report sheet:

Trial 1Trial 2Trial 3
Mass of Sample0.49 g0.55 g0.46 g
Mass of filter paper + AgCl0.87 g0.96 g0.82 g
Mass of filter paper0.25 g0.25 g0.25 g

Remainder of the report sheet: (determine on your own)

experiment 7:

Watch the following videos, which show slightly different examples of the series of chemical reactions of copper in this experiment.

Fill in the following values on your report sheet:

1. Initial mass of copper: 0.52 g

2. Mass of copper and evaporating dish: 47.62 g

3. Mass of evaporating dish: 47.19 g

4 – 5: (determine on your own)

6 – 18: (use the above videos for this experiment to answer)

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