Write an analysis of the issue using F.I.D.O. format on

Abortion- Daigle v. Tremblay (1989), R. v. Morgentaler (1988)

FIDO stands for the following: 

F = Facts 

•What are the facts? (i.e. the undisputed details of the case) 

I = Issues 

•What is the dispute? 

•What is being argued? 

•What are the questions that need to be answered? 

•What legal concepts are involved in these issues? 

•Are there larger issues at stake? 

D = Decision 

•What did the court decide? 

•What would you decide? 

•If your decision is different from that of the court, explain your reasoning. 

O = Opinions 

•When thinking about this case, what opinions do you have? (of the case, the issue(s), the court’s decision, the significance of the case) 

•How could opinions or perspectives on this case vary? (Think about how the various philosophies of law from Activity #8 could apply.) 

A FIDO analysis should be an original, thoughtful, well-written overview, and an analysis of the case. It should demonstrate your understanding of the case, as well as your application of legal concepts, theories, and terminology. If you choose at any time to use material from additional resources to support ideas in your analysis, you should properly cite your sources using the accepted course format. 



Freedom is the right to be wrong, not the right to do wrong. 

John Diefenbaker, former Prime Minister of Canada 

Now that you know a great deal about the laws that relate to the protection and regulation of our rights in Canada, you can examine contemporary issues to which those laws apply. 

This activity will give you the opportunity to work with a partner to learn more about a rights-related issue in Canada. You will communicate your findings to your classmates using a variety of forms.


1.Mapleleafweb: The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

2.Canadian Legal Information Institute, Rights Case Digest

3.Collections Canada, Building a Just Society

4.CBC Archives

5.Maclean’s Magazine

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