Case Analysis Format for Walmart (5 pages normally) 

Identify and then create a case study for Walmart. In other words you are to write a masters level case study about a problem that you have identified in a specific company. 

Title of the Case Problem Statement: (The problem statement is a one sentence declarative sentence that describes the strategic issue to be examined.) The title must incorporate all of the sections below. 

Scenario: (The scenario is a 3-5 sentence summary of the case which includes the names of principles and companies, such facts and details as would be necessary to the understanding of the problem). This provides a clear (and cited) context for the problem, (who, what, where, when and financial considerations). For example, is your chosen case study trying to analyze a financial, cultural, supplier, competition, customer or other problem? Once you have identified which of the above is the key issue that you are going to analyze then you would use the proper operations or supply chain analysis found in the text book to analyze the problem using a case study method. 

Analyses: You can choose from two different forms of analysis or assessments for your case study which flow logically from the problem and present these in detail. For example, if the problem deals with profitability then the choice could be pro forma budget an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) or Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC). If the problem is growth, competitive industry analysis, Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT), Key Factors of Success (KFS), etc. could be chosen. This takes two to three pages usually with three to five APA references, one of which is always the text book. Your research comes from business or library sources (never Wiki anything or Google). Remember you have to use APA headings for all of your MBA work 

Conclusions: (Express what you have concluded from the analyses and present outcomes of the analysis either in narrative or bullet point format). This is usually a half or full page and is always cited using business sources. 

Recommendations: (Present the action items that should be undertaken or implemented based on your conclusions that would solve all or part of the problem that you identified. This may be done in either narrative or bullet-point format. However, if you use bullets you have to have an explanation for each bullet. This is usually a half or full page. 

Remember the job of an MBA is to offer recommendations, options or opportunities based upon the data (and cite). The MBA would never use the words “must, should, have to, etc.” in their work. The MBA only presents opportunities and options. Each recommendation, opportunity or option needs to have a business citation (otherwise it is just opinion and companies don’t have to pay MBA salaries for people who just want to give opinions)

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