Good day, I have 2 excel sheets with data, I need analysis and make charts and figures for the analysis. – Fill the colored fields with the correct formulas to calculate the KPI, show your work during the interview, which are:  1- Total Case Count 2-Total Case Minutes: (proc start up to proc stop) 3- Cases Worked During Working Hours:  4- Weekend Cases Count 5- Elective Cases 6- % of Emergency Cases 7- % Inpatient 8- SDA & DSU ( Same Day Admission & Day Surgery Unit) – Based on your calculations and analysis, prepare a  10-minute presentation discussing Neurosurgery August data. – Discussion shall include: 1- Service / Surgeon Room Utilization (working hours) 2- Surgeon analysis 3- Discuss 2020 Cancellations (Service / Surgeon / Reasons) 4- Analysis and suggestion for improvement

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