Sanford Pinsker. “The Scaffold as Hinge: A Note on the Structure of the Scarlet Letter.” College Literature, vol. 5, no. 2, 1978, pp. 144-145.

The author of the article seeks to look into the structure of the Scarlet Letter as presented by the author of the works, Nathaniel Hawthorne. Due analysis is made with reference to the relationship of the chapters with each other and how their connection serves to narrate the piece in a manner that draws to the attention and understanding of the audience. The article primary insinuates that the absence of this linkage would consequently render it impossible for the novel to be the exquisite piece that it is. Primarily, the chapters that are pivotal to the novel are Chapters XIII and XIV.  These chapters highlight the overall structure of the novel and further appreciate Nathaniel’s decision to structure the novel as he did to amplify the romance of the main characters.

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